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Re: models-10 comments

At 01:04 AM 3/15/2004, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
>> >> 1.4. Common ABNF Productions
>> >>       ; Any UTF-8 [UTF-8] encoded UCS [ISO10646] character
>I guess you fixed it after submitting the draft.
yes. -11 should reflect the change.

>>>> 2.5.1. Attribute Types
>>>>     - a subtype's syntax must be the same, or a refine of, its
>>>>       supertype's syntax, and
>>> What is a refine of a syntax?
>> s/refine/refinement/ here.
>> (I don't think we necessarily need to detail precisely what a
>> "refinement" of a syntax is.)
>Well... not knowing what it means, my guesses are:
>- The same syntax, but further restricted by e.g. size limitations,
>- 'Refining' e.g. a DirectoryString to PrintableString, which is
>  one of the ASN.1 CHOICEs for DirectoryString.
>- Allowing either of the above.
>If you feel it's OK to leave it at that, that's fine with me.
>If not, but people should look up X.500 for 'syntax refinements',
>perhaps you should add an X.500 reference.

I fine with leaving it as is (no explicit reference).  I think
it follows that the syntax of the supertype should be more
generic than that of the subtype.  I rather no split hairs over
precisely what "more generic" or "refinement" means.

>>>> 4.1. Schema Definitions
>>>>       xstring = "X" HYPHEN 1*( UALPHA / HYPHEN / USCORE )
>>> This is a strange change from Models-09, which said
>>>        xstring = X   HYPHEN 1*( ALPHA  / HYPHEN / USCORE )
>>> The X was uppercase only, now it can be either case.
>> Yes, to be consistent with RFC 2252 (and our discussion regarding
>> case insensitive).
>>> The rest could be either case, now it is uppercase only.
>>> Why such a swap?
>> Now it can be either case, "X" is case insensitive.
>If "it" = "the rest":  No, that's now UALPHA.

That's an error.  It should be ALPHA.  These tokens
are case insensitive (per RFC 2252).