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Re: models-10 comments

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
> >> 1.4. Common ABNF Productions
> >>       ; Any UTF-8 [UTF-8] encoded UCS [ISO10646] character
> Are you sure you are looking at -10?  

Yes, and my copy matches
I guess you fixed it after submitting the draft.

>>> 2.5.1. Attribute Types
>>>     - a subtype's syntax must be the same, or a refine of, its
>>>       supertype's syntax, and
>> What is a refine of a syntax?
> s/refine/refinement/ here.
> (I don't think we necessarily need to detail precisely what a
> "refinement" of a syntax is.)

Well... not knowing what it means, my guesses are:
- The same syntax, but further restricted by e.g. size limitations,
- 'Refining' e.g. a DirectoryString to PrintableString, which is
  one of the ASN.1 CHOICEs for DirectoryString.
- Allowing either of the above.
If you feel it's OK to leave it at that, that's fine with me.
If not, but people should look up X.500 for 'syntax refinements',
perhaps you should add an X.500 reference.

>>> 4.1. Schema Definitions
>>>       xstring = "X" HYPHEN 1*( UALPHA / HYPHEN / USCORE )
>> This is a strange change from Models-09, which said
>>        xstring = X   HYPHEN 1*( ALPHA  / HYPHEN / USCORE )
>> The X was uppercase only, now it can be either case.
> Yes, to be consistent with RFC 2252 (and our discussion regarding
> case insensitive).
>> The rest could be either case, now it is uppercase only.
>> Why such a swap?
> Now it can be either case, "X" is case insensitive.

If "it" = "the rest":  No, that's now UALPHA.
Which is not consistent with the other tokens in these definition
formats; they are case insensitive.