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models-10 comments

models-10 says:

> 1.4. Common ABNF Productions

>       ; Any UTF-8 [UTF-8] encoded UCS [ISO10646] character

There is no [ISO10646] in the References section.  Perhaps this should
be [Unicode], according to Kurt's suggestion in message 'ISO 10646 v
Unicode' of 07 Jan 2004.  OTOH, UTF-8 is defined in terms of Iso10646,
not Unicode, so [Unicode] does seem strange here.

[UTF-8] should be [RFC3639].

BTW, There are 10646's in [Filters] and [Protocol] too.

> 2.5.1. Attribute Types

>     - a subtype's syntax must be the same, or a refine of, its
>       supertype's syntax, and

What is a refine of a syntax?

> 4.1. Schema Definitions

>       xstring = "X" HYPHEN 1*( UALPHA / HYPHEN / USCORE )

This is a strange change from Models-09, which said

        xstring = X   HYPHEN 1*( ALPHA  / HYPHEN / USCORE )

The X was uppercase only, now it can be either case.
The rest could be either case, now it is uppercase only.
Why such a swap?


Editorial comments:

> 1.4. Common ABNF Productions

>   Implementations SHOULD treat short names (descriptors) used in an
>   unambiguous manner (as discussed above) as unrecognized.


> 2.3. Structure of an Entry

>   For example, a 'givenName' attribute can have can have more than one

s/can have can have/can have/.

> 4.1.2. Attribute Types

s/SUBSTRING/SUBSTR/ in this section.

> 4.1.3. Matching Rules

>   used in comparison of distinguished names

Add '.' at the end.  Unless some more of the sentence is missing too.

> 9. IANA Considerations

>         structuralObjectClass              A

This has OID in section 3.4.5 (structuralObjectClass).
Which is right?

Also, there are too many spaces in front of the "A".