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As of 2.2.15 there is a new Syncrepl parameter called "retry". It can be used to reestablish the connection to a provider auotmatically. For example if your provider restarts (configuration change etc...) all "refreshAndPersist" connections will stop responding. You will see an error message like "do_syncrep2 : Can't contact LDAP server" on the consumers.

The "retry" parameter fixes this issue by automatically retrying the query at specified intervals.

  1. "retry" accepts a space-separated list of number pairs ("+" may be used in the second value of the last pair).
  2. The first value of the pair is the "retry interval" in seconds
  3. The second value of the pair is the "number of retries"; "+" indicates an infinite number of retries; it can be used in the last pair
        retry="1 2 3 4 5 +"
  • retry 2 times every 1 second; then
  • retry 4 times every 3 seconds; then
  • retry every 5 seconds indefinately

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