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Questions and Answers concerning configuration of SLAPD.
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(Category) Passwords
(Category) Schema
(Category) Backends
(Category) Overlays
(Category) Replication
(Category) Performance Tuning
(Category) How can I ... setup something unusual?

Answers in this category:
(Answer) How do I turn on slapd(8) logging?
(Answer) Can SLAPD hold multiple naming contexts?
(Answer) What should default referral be set to?
(Answer) How to configure slapd(8) with LDAPv2 support (for legacy clients)?
(Answer) Can I put the SLAPD database on an NFS filesystem?
(Answer) What should the "threads" configuration parameter be set to?
(Answer) How do I change database type?
(Answer) New Item

See also: slapd.conf(5) and the OpenLDAP Admin Guide (http://www.openldap.org/doc/)
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