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Slapd supports different backends, i.e. database types. Backends can be roughly divided in three categories:
  • those that actually store data:
    • back-bdb
    • back-hdb
    • back-ldif (since 2.3)
    • (back-ldbm is no longer supported as of 2.4)
    • back-ndb (since 2.4.12)
  • those that proxy other data storage systems:
    • back-ldap
    • back-meta
    • back-passwd
    • back-relay (since 2.3)
    • back-sql
  • those that dynamically generate the data:
    • back-config (since 2.3)
    • back-dnssrv
    • back-monitor
    • back-null
    • back-perl
    • (back-tcl is no longer supported as of 2.2)
    • back-shell

The borderline between the categories may not be very well defined; for instance, back-dnssrv may be listed in the second category as well, since it essentially proxies DNS info, and back-monitor is a means to publish internally generated data in LDAP form rather than a storage system.
ando@sys-net.it, hyc@openldap.org, quanah@openldap.org

Builtin and custom backends can be built as dynamic modules and loaded by means of the moduleload <module> statement.

Builtin backends: use the

switch at configure.

Custom backends: simply write a module that implements the backend functionalities and add a function

        static BackendInfo bi;

        init_module( int argc, char *argv[] )
                memset( &bi, '\0', sizeof( bi ) );
                bi.bi_type = "custom" ;
                bi.bi_init = custom_back_initialize;
                backend_add( &bi );
                return 0;
so that the custom backend initialization function custom_back_initialize() is invoked when the module is loaded. Replace custom with your backend's name.
ando@sys-net.it, hyc@openldap.org
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