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Assuming that you have read and understood the relevant section in the OpenLDAP Administrators Guide you should wind up with something like this in your consumer slapd.conf
 syncrepl rid=1
   retry="60 +"
 updateref ldap://ldap1.my.org

jsaint-rossy@associates.usss.treas.gov, quanah@openldap.org, hyc@openldap.org
rid=1 is the id for this query/syncrepl; it must be unique across all consumers within a slapd.conf

provider= is the server this consumer will query

type=refreshAndPersist means that after the initial query/sync the query should continue indefinitely which will mean that any new changes will be picked up instantly.
retry="60 +" means if the connection to the provider is lost, try connecting again after 60 seconds, and do so indefinitely until a connection is established.

searchbase= obviously this should start at the root of the tree

filter="(objectClass=*)" means that the search should look for everything

scope=sub means that it should search recursively

attrs="*,+" will copy all attributes, including operational attributes. (This is the default setting, so it's not necessary to specify it.)

schemachecking=off this is safe assuming that the provider is doing this allready

binddn= is the user 'on the provider' who the client will use for it's queries bindmethod=simple use plaintext passwords credentials=syncpass is the password to use for syncuser

updateref ldap://ldap1.my.org this is used by well written clients to tell them the right place for changes.
jsaint-rossy@associates.usss.treas.gov, quanah@openldap.org, hyc@openldap.org

Its a good idea to index entryUUID when using syncrepl. If you don't have it setup, you may see warnings like this in your log file:
 slapd[15190]: <= bdb_equality_candidates: (entryUUID) index_param failed (18)
To index this entry, add this to your database section of slapd.conf
 index   entryUUID  eq
That should silence the warning and speed things up a bit.
openldap@mail.doris.cc, hyc@openldap.org
It is also a good idea to set sizelimit and timelimit to unlimited. This will help to keep your slaves in sync during a large modification.
In slapd.conf, add this to your database configuration on the master server
 limits dn.exact="cn=syncuser,o=my.org,c=us" size=unlimited time=unlimited

openldap@mail.doris.cc, hyc@openldap.org
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