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The Sleepycat's BerkeleyDB (BDB) documentation (http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/) is very well written. Any further effort on our part to document BDB's features would be redundant effort, and would require continuous redundant effort to maintain as BDB moves forward. We don't have time to spend doing this, but you're always welcome to submit new documentation for inclusion into the distribution.

The Sleepycat configuration mechanism is also very well developed. But not only is it redundant for us to integrate it into slapd, it is potentially dangerous, and my position has been to put as little BDB-specific configuration into slapd as possible. The problem is this - the BDB library always reads the DB_CONFIG file after all other configuration is done, and any settings in the DB_CONFIG file override anything that was set before. So, if we were to provide slapd.conf keywords for all of the necessary BDB tunables, you may run into situations where your carefully chosen settings are completely ignored by the BDB library.

The BDB settings are persistent; when the BDB environment is created the settings remain in the environment forever, unless db_recover is run to destroy/recreate it. Here's where it gets dangerous - the BDB environment is created by the first BDB application to touch a database. If the first application is not from OpenLDAP (slapd/slapadd/etc.), (e.g., if you used db_load or some other BDB utility) then the environment and databases will be created with default settings that are probably inappropriate for slapd's use. The only way to guarantee that the default settings that slapd requires are loaded correctly, is to put them in the DB_CONFIG file where every application will be forced to use them. The alternative is to tell you never to use Sleepycat's BDB utilities with a slapd database, which would be completely impractical - you need db_stat to tell you how the BDB environment is performing, you need db_archive to tell you which log files can be removed, etc. etc...

The bottom line - because the back-bdb databases must be managed by both the OpenLDAP tools and the Sleepycat tools, we must use the Sleepycat DB_CONFIG file in addition to slapd.conf.

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