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This document provides a guide for installing OpenLDAP 2.2 Software ( on UNIX (and UNIX-like) systems. The document is aimed at experienced system administrators but who may not have prior experience operating LDAP-based directory software.

This document is meant to be used in conjunction with other OpenLDAP information resources provided with the software package and on the project's extensive site ( on the World Wide Web. The site makes available a number of resources.

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The OpenLDAP Project is comprised of a team of volunteers. This document would not be possible without their contribution of time and energy.

The OpenLDAP Project would also like to thank the University of Michigan LDAP for building the foundation of LDAP software and information to which OpenLDAP Software is built upon. This document is based upon U-Mich LDAP document: The SLAPD and SLURPD Administrators Guide.


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