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what databases are to be replicated for a slave?


I've had problems with an upgrade to openldap 2.4.43, and I reviewed my configuration to check for errors I have two slaves which replicate all databases from the master, including cn=config.

My reasoning is in case of a severe crash, I'd like one of the slaves to be able to become the new master. To allow such a scenario, each database in the master have a syncrepl directive to replicate from itself. It obviously have no effect on the master, but the slave that replicate this configuration get the right directives to replicate from the master. so far so good...

now this is my question: should/could the accesslog configured this way? or should the accesslog be strictly local to a server? I mean, should I remove the syncrepl directive from the accesslog database?

This configuration have run without errors until 2.4.41, but I got a weird error about accesslog corruption when I upgraded to 2.4.43 (sorry I didn't write the error down), hence my question

Thanks in advance for any response. best regards,
Jephté CLAIN

PS: I hope it's clear enough. English is not my native language

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