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Re: lmdb Handle Leak with VL32 on Windows

Jeremiah Morrill wrote:
I noticed what I believe may be a handle leak against the latest (commit
7b9928c) on github, with the MDB_VL32 on Windows.  After some poking around,
it seems to be the file mapping handle, env->me_fmh.   I threw it to a
CloseHandle in the env_close0(…) and it seemed to resolve it.

Please submit this to the ITS.

Here’s a quick diff:

diff --git a/src/lmdb.c b/src/mdb.c

index a564d40..190c860 100644

--- a/src/mdb.c

+++ b/src/mdb.c

@@ -5350,6 +5350,7 @@ mdb_env_close0(MDB_env *env, int excl)


#ifdef MDB_VL32

#ifdef _WIN32

+   if (env->me_fmh) CloseHandle(env->me_fmh);

              if (env->me_rpmutex) CloseHandle(env->me_rpmutex);



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