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Re: pwdChangedTime Undefined Attribute

Borresen, John - 0444 - MITLL wrote:
> If the userPassword was changed via command-line (such as via the passwd
> command) the attribute pwdChangedTime does not get updated.

If you really mean 'passwd' then it's entirely a matter of your PAM
installation/configuration what it sends.

>  It is only
> updated if the userPassword attribute is updated via either the ldapmodify
> or, in our case, Apache Directory Studio "Edit Value".
> Is that how it should work?  Of did I miss something else somewhere?

Regarding LDAP the modify operation on 'userPassword' and the LDAP Password
Modify Extended Operation (see RFC 3062) will make slapo-ppolicy intercept the
request and set 'pwdChangedTime'.

You have to configure whatever PAM client you're using to send appropriate LDAP

Ciao, Michael.

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