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RE: pwdChangedTime Undefined Attribute

Thanks again Michael...

If the userPassword was changed via command-line (such as via the passwd
command) the attribute pwdChangedTime does not get updated.  It is only
updated if the userPassword attribute is updated via either the ldapmodify
or, in our case, Apache Directory Studio "Edit Value".

Is that how it should work?  Of did I miss something else somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

John D. Borresen (Dave)
Email: john.borresen@ll.mit.edu

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Borresen, John - 0444 - MITLL wrote:
> Now, trying to add the pwdChangedTime attribute to the jdoe UID.  

This attribute is automatically added when userPassword is (re)set. No need
set it yourself. Therefore the attribute type description contains

Ciao, Michael.

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