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pwdChangedTime Undefined Attribute



The “ppolicy” overlay has been loaded to my bdb.  The cn=default,ou=pwpolicies,dc=group,dc=ldap has been defined.


The pwdPolicySubentry operational attribute was added to uid=jdoe,ou=Users,dc=group,dc=ldap, as well.


Now, trying to add the pwdChangedTime attribute to the jdoe UID. 


Ran “ldapadd” from the command-line:

# ldapmodify -d 4 -x -W -H ldap://ldapsrvr.group.ldap -D cn=ldapadmin,dc=group,dc=ldap

Enter LDAP Password: ############

dn: uid=jdoe,ou=Users,dc=group,dc=ldap

changetype: add

add: pwdChangedTime

pwdChangedTime: 201512231458Z

adding new entry "uid=jdoe,ou=Users,dc=group,dc=ldap"

ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17)

                additional info: add: attribute type undefined


From my reading, this should be an Operational Attribute that isn’t constrained or defined by an ObjectClass. 


Thanks for the help in advance.  Btw, I am running OpenLDAP 2.4.40.



John D. Borresen (Dave)

Linux/Unix Systems Administrator

MIT  Lincoln Laboratory

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Systems

244 Wood St

Lexington, MA  02420

Email: john.borresen@ll.mit.edu


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