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Creating LDAP schema issue


Unfortunately I'm struggeling, since since 2.5 days. I have to create individual a LDAP schema which suits the currently used LDAP structure. The current tructure looks like this:

=> dc=MyDomain,dc=TLD
==> ou=People
===> uid=User-1
====> ou=mail
===> uid=User-2
====> ou=mail

... and so on ...

Within ou=mail should be the individual mail account(s) information of a user. So in the end I want to add a(nother) mail account by something like this:

cat << EOF > ./newUser.ldif
dn: mailAddress=Test@Domain.TLD,ou=mail,uid=User-1,ou=people,dc=MyDomain,dc=TLD
objectclass: top
objectclass: mailAccount

mailAddress: Test@Domain.TLD
MailPassword: {SSHA}SomePassword
MailAccountStatus: active

Therefore I setup a LDAP schema like the following, but it seems to ignore the attributes "MailPassword" and "noMailAccountStatus". Why? I don't understand what I'm missing here on my objectclass? I'm sure it is an easy little thing to fix - but I just can't figure it out with the tutarials provided I went thorugh ;/

# ====================== LDAP schema ======================= #

# OID Macros (10001 should be IANA-registered)

objectidentifier nameSpace        
objectidentifier mail                       nameSpace:1
objectidentifier objectClassAccount         mail:1
objectidentifier objectClassAccountInfo     mail:2

# Attributes: objectClass[NAME]:1.[SERIAL]

attributetype ( objectClassAccount:1.1
    NAME 'mailAddress'
    DESC 'The hosted mail addresses'
    EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
    SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch

attributetype ( objectClassAccount:1.2
    NAME 'MailPassword'
    DESC 'The hosted mail password'
    EQUALITY octetStringMatch
    SYNTAX{128} )

attributetype ( objectClassAccount:1.3
    NAME 'MailAccountStatus'
DESC 'The status of a user account: active, noaccess, disabled, deleted'
    EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match


# Objects: objectClass[NAME]:2.[SERIAL]

objectclass ( objectClassAccount:2.1
    NAME 'mailAccount'
    SUP ( top )
    DESC 'Mail account'
    MUST ( mailAddress )
    MAY ( MailPassword $ MailAccountStatus ) )

# ====================================================== #


Best Regards,