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Re: Creating LDAP schema issue

On 01/22/15 22:32 +0100, Leander Schäfer wrote:
a user. So in the end I want to add a(nother) mail account by something like this:

cat << EOF > ./newUser.ldif
dn: mailAddress=Test@Domain.TLD,ou=mail,uid=User-1,ou=people,dc=MyDomain,dc=TLD
objectclass: top
objectclass: mailAccount

mailAddress: Test@Domain.TLD
MailPassword: {SSHA}SomePassword
MailAccountStatus: active

You have an errant newline between objectclass and mailAddress. You should
have received an error if you processed this file with ldapadd. Your
blank line should come at the end of your input file, or between distinct
dn entries.

Therefore I setup a LDAP schema like the following, but it seems to ignore the attributes "MailPassword" and "noMailAccountStatus". Why? I don't understand what I'm missing here on my objectclass? I'm sure it is an easy little thing to fix - but I just can't figure it out with the tutarials provided I went thorugh ;/

I assume your mean 'MailAccountStatus' here. If so, the above typo would
explain your situation.

objectclass ( objectClassAccount:2.1
   NAME 'mailAccount'
   SUP ( top )
   DESC 'Mail account'
   MUST ( mailAddress )
   MAY ( MailPassword $ MailAccountStatus ) )

Dan White