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Re: OpenLDAP Replication Issue

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 01:30:51PM -0800, Tony S. Wu wrote:

> We have 5 servers running OpenLDAP, 001 - 005. Server is CentOS 6.4, LDAP
> version is openldap-servers-2.4.23-32.el6_4.1.x86_64, current replication

2.4.23 is a very old version - released 2010/06/30. There have been about 750
updates to the code-base since then:

It is very unlikely that RedHat have incorporated all those fixes into their
distro, so you will not get much help here if you continue to use their version.

Your first move should be to build OpenLDAP from current source:

You can easily set it to install in /usr/local or some other place of your choice
to avoid over-writing the RedHat version so that you can run tests and still be
able to revert if you need to.

I would advise that you use a new location to store the database, and that you
load it from LDIF using slapadd. Don't try to use new code with the existing
database (though it may well work as the version is similar enough).

Building from current source gives you the opportunity to switch to LMDB so you
don't even need to link the Berkeley DB libraries. LMDB (database mdb) is highly

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