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pwdChangedTime/authTimestamp, MMR etc.


I have a replication topology with providers running with MMR and a layer of
r/o consumers..
- spread across three data centers
- in two different countries (DE and foreign country)

Network traffic between the countries has higher latency so consumers are only
accessing providers within the same country.
Write operations go nearly 100% to a single provider in Germany.

All systems are using these overlays:
- slapo-ppolicy (mostly for password expiry)
- slapo-lastbind overlays
- slapo-accesslog (yes, also on consumers)

Now occasionally contextCSN values differ most times for a couple of minutes on
the consumers in the foreign country from their local providers.

I cannot tell exactly which conditions are causing this. But I observed that
most times there was a login failure on the provider in Germany which results
in 'pwdChangedTime' being set and replicated to the consumers. Most times
followed by 'authTimestamp' being correctly set.

So I wonder whether the differences of the contextCSN values could be caused by
'pwdChangedTime' and 'authTimestamp' being replicated to providers but not to

Any clue? Thanks in advance.

Ciao, Michael.