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what happened to the openldap toolbox project?

Dear all,

I don't want to sound too alarmistic, but it seems that the LTB project has 
disappeared from the 'net sometime this week. Would you happen to know what 
happened, what's going on (and perhaps if some help with the infrastructure 
is needed)?

I've been relying on project-ltb packages for a while and would be quite 
unhappy to see it go; and I find the lack of information and the abrupt 
disappearance a bit troubling.

While I know it's not strictly on-topic here, I know also that OpenLdap 
Toolbox folks are subscribed to this list, and ltb-project.org packages are 
quite widely used here – so I hope someone would be able to provide a bit 
of information…

Kind regards
– Miroslaw Baran

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