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Re: Preoperation Plugin Questions

Julius Plenz wrote:
Hi Howard,
hi Dan,

thanks for your reply.

* Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> [2013-01-23 18:38]:
I would just take the current radius.c checker and modify it to
stash the Operation pointer somewhere it can be retrieved, then grab
it in the password check function and pull the client IP address out
of there. The smbk5pwd module already uses this trick so it should
be trivial to copy/paste that code into radius.c.

I'll take a look at that code tomorrow, thanks.

But the problem is not that I don't want to write the code: The module
is working fine already, but since I found exactly *zero*
documentation to warrant what I'm doing in the plugin, I thought it
best to ask here. Considering the original (technical) questions, do
you have an answer to that?

1) For developers, the source code is the authoritative documentation. Always.

2) SLAPI is a Sun/Netscape spec. There is no documentation for it in the OpenLDAP Project because it would be redundant. Whatever the official docs say a correct plugin must do, is what you should do.

3) However, if you find some aspect of SLAPI is unimplemented in OpenLDAP, then see (1). If what you're trying to do is not supported, you're welcome to contribute patches to implement whatever missing feature you need.

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