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Re: Preoperation Plugin Questions

On 01/23/13 17:00 +0100, Julius Plenz wrote:

I'm writing an preoperation authentication plugin for OpenLDAP, but I
have trouble finding any documentation whatsoever on this. So most of
what I know comes from tutorials like this one from Oracle:

P.S.: What I'm actually trying to achieve is to do RADIUS
authentification via an external library. But I want to send the
client's IP in a Calling-Station-Id attribute, so I cannot simply
write a password check function, right? If you got any ideas that are
better than a preop module, please tell me...

You should be able to accomplish this via a SASL mechanism (and possibly an
existing one), which would not require any code changes within slapd or
client libraries. See sasl_server_new(3) and its ipremoteport parameter.

Dan White