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Re: ldap update ( 2.2 to 2.4)

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Dan White <dwhite@olp.net> wrote:
What is the output of:

slapcat -n0 -s olcDatabase={1}bdb,cn=config

(remove any passwords or sensitive information)

Increase your debug level to see if you get any more specific information.

On 01/17/13 18:37 -0200, Bruno Furtado wrote:
this is the output of slapcat:

       str2entry: invalid value for attributeType objectClass #1 (syntax

That looks like the output of slapadd, not slapcat. Either that, or
something strange has happened.

and this is the debug output:
       config_add_internal: DN="olcDatabase={1}bdb,cn=config" no
structural objectClass in configuration table

My output of the above slapcat command includes the following
objectClasses (for olcDatabase={1}bdb,cn=config):

objectClass: olcDatabaseConfig
objectClass: olcBdbConfig

If I understand your above error correctly, your configuration is bad.

Dan White