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Re: ldap update ( 2.2 to 2.4)

On 01/10/13 12:04 -0200, Bruno Furtado wrote:
Hi Folks!

I'm newbie to LDAP and I received a mission to update the version.

Today is running Openldap 2.2.23 and I need to update to OpenLDAP 2.4.28.
all update attempts failed. I observed that the new version have a
different method of configuration.

What the best way to do this?

What error messages did you receive?

You can use slaptest (with both -f and -F options) to convert your
configuration to the newer configuration database format (see man
slapd-config), although you can still use a slapd.conf based configuration.

See chapters 10, 19, and appendix B of the OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide,
and the man pages for slapcat/slapdd. You should dump the contents of your
databases on the old system with slapcat, and slapadd them on the new

Dan White