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Re: Multi-Master OpenLDAP Replication for 3 nodes -- slapadd command failing

Am Tue, 1 Jan 2013 23:50:20 -0800
schrieb fal patel <fal0patel@gmail.com>:

> Hey Quanah,
> Oh no, my question was whether an arbitrary external variable (eg.
> URI1) could be set (eg. to ldap://host1.hq.mycompany.com:389/) inside
> an LDIF file and used in subsequent places in the file.
> (to avoid having to type in the value in multiple places).
> I suppose not?
> Assuming not, I typed in each value into all its relevant places in
> my LDIF file and re-ran slapadd.
> Now it gives me the following error (on latest redhat 64bit):
> loaded module syncprov.la
> *module syncprov.la: null module registered*
> Surely the above message signifies an error?

Check wether the modul has been built and is in the defined directory,
if not, check wether syncprov has been built in slapd. slapd -VVV will
show you all builtin modules.


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