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Re: GDM + pwdPolicy problem

On 13/12/2012 18:00, cbulist wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a problem using Red Hat 5.7, gdm 2.16.0-59 y pwdPolicy.
> When an account gets pwdMaxAge limit and the user try to login using
> GUI the user doesn't receive any warning about expiration account, it
> just requests the user and password like a normal login and it fail.
> The warning works if the user try login by SSH.
> If we use pwdReset the user get the warning message and it is able to
> change the password.
> We comment pwdPolicy rules and using shadow attributes gdm works fine.
> We tried the same configuration with a Red Hat 6 server and everything
> works fine but we are not able to change our Red Hat version now.
> Our requirements are keep the password history and we tried pam_unix
> remember=3 option in /etc/pam.d/system-auth with /etc/security/opasswd
> but It did not work.
> We can go with shadow attributes as long as we keep the password history.
> Any idea?

Use kdm.