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olcPcacheAttrset/olcPcacheTemplate values for set acl

I'm trying to write ACL, using set entries, like this:
to * by set="[cn=remote group,dc=host]/member & user" write,
where cn=remote group,dc=host is a remote group, available via ldap-proxy.
The remote group looks like this:
dn: cn=remote group,dc=host
cn: remote
member: cn=user1,ou=users,dc=host
member: cn=user2,ou=users,dc=host
objectClass: group

It works fine, except it raises search query to remote ldap server
each time, I'm trying to search against objects, the ACL applies.  Is
it possible to set up pcache overlay to handle such kind of requests
to speed up ACL processing?
Which values  olcPcacheAttrset and olcPcacheTemplate attributes should have?