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Re: OpenLDAP-Client TLS

>>One question i still have on my mind. I am only able to compile my client
>>by including the library "sasl2" although i am not using "ldap_sals_bind"
>>or anything like that. Is it possible expel sasl from my program or do i
>>have to use that library?
>Could you expound on this? What error are you getting? Did you
>do a '--with-cyrus-sasl=no' when compiling your libldap libraries?
>Dan White

'--with-cyrus-sasl=no' did it, thanks. Thought i did the configure with '--with-cyrus-sasl=no' last week once and it did not work then (still had to include
sasl). Looks like i did something wrong then. Now everything works fine :-)
Thank you all a lot for the help.

Regards Martin

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