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Re: Proxy setup not caching against Active Directory

On Mon, 17 Sep 2012, Xavier Garcia wrote:
> I am setting up a proxy to cache queries against Active
> Directory, so our Postfix servers do not hammer the AD servers.
> pcacheTemplate (mail=smtp:) 0 900

>From the slapo-pcache(5) manpage:

       A template is defined by a filter string and an index identifying a set
       of attributes. The template string for  a  query  can  be  obtained  by
       removing  assertion  values  from  the  RFC  2254 representation of its
       search filter. A query belongs to a template if its template string and
       set  of projected attributes correspond to a cacheable template.  Exam-
       ples of template strings  are  (mail=),  (|(sn=)(cn=)),  (&(sn=)(given-

So, "(mail=smtp:)" isn't a template.  You need to use:
	pcacheTemplate (mail=) 0 900