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Re: Performance of MDB and BDB Please suggest?


I'm no LDAP expert, so what follows may be stupid. I'm OK with this,
but I'd prefer receiving pointers to make my mind clearer.

Looking at your network capture, I see the search you're doing has its
baseObject set to "msisdn=9800002868;dc=MSISDN,dc=C-NTDB". Is the
semicolon intentional?
Looking at RFC4514, chapter 3 "Parsing a String Back to a
Distinguished Name", a COMMA separates the RDN elements, and a SEMI
(semicolon, U+003B) must be escaped.
My guess is this semicolon is an error and should be a comma instead.

2012/8/31 Yajuvendra Singh <yajuvendra.singh@gmail.com>:
> Hi Howard,
> I am attaching the wireshark logs for the search request. Also attaching the
> conf file which we are currently using for load and performance run.