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RE: Performance of MDB and BDB Please suggest?

> >>> I am using openldap 2.4.32 on centos 6, on a 24 core box with 132 Gb RAM.
> >>
> >>> My test directory has ~ 3 million entries, and I loaded it into mdb using
> >> slapadd which took over 2 days (by comparison, the same load into bdb takes
> >> 2-3 hours).
> >> This is not normal. With slapadd -q MDB is faster than BDB assuming you're
> >> using a decent filesystem and sensible mount options. JFS, EXT2, do better
> >> than other filesystems in my tests. Very recent EXT4 may be better than EXT3
> >> as well.
> > The filesystem is xfs, mounted as a drbd device (although at the moment the other
> > half of the drbd pair is not configured, so it doesn't have to wait for synchronous
> > writes across the network)
> Sounds like you're not using slapadd -q. Either that, or your filesystem cache

Oh ****! You're quite right, I managed to lose the -q from the slapadd command when copy/pasting 
from a script. I'll try running it again with -q.

Do you have an ETA for improvements to mdb write performance?