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Re: How to calculate maxsize for an MDB [was: 2.4.32: mdb stable enough?]


On Saturday, 18. August 2012, Howard Chu wrote:
> Peter Marschall wrote:
> > But this brought up a question:
> > Given an existing HDB database, is there a formula or something to
> > calculate the 'maxsize' config option of MDB from the existing
> > information.
> In my testing, MDB typically uses about 60% as much space as HDB. Factor in
> however much future growth you anticipate and go from there.
> As an example, I have a test LDIF that's 558694630 bytes, containing 380836
> entries. Looking at info from [m]db_stat, we can compare the number of
> pages used for each index:
> 		hdb				mdb
> 	branch	leaf	overflow	branch	leaf	overflow
> dn2id	328	8097	0		67	7625	0
> id2e	344	249856	59368		263	29681	293169
> oc	11	154	0		1	3	0
> uid	2487	26392	0		65	10895	0
> (page sizes are normalized here; hdb id2entry uses 16K pages while all
> other databases use 4K pages)
> This is with
> 	index objectclass eq
> 	index uid eq,sub
> The dn2id, oc, and uid database formats are logically identical between hdb
> and mdb, so the difference in size is due to the difference in BDB and MDB.
> The id2entry database in mdb uses a slightly different encoding than hdb,
> so there are both library and backend format differences there.
> As you can see, the more indexing you use, the bigger the difference
> between mdb and hdb.

Thanks for the explanation, Howard.

I may be a bit thick today, but I do not see, how I can determine a minimal 
value for MDB's *maxsize* parameter from the values given above.
(I do not want to waste memory ;-)

Shall I simply take the LDIF size as maxsize?
Shall I simply take the added sizes of the files in the HDB database?

Thanks in advance

Peter Marschall