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Re: slapd-meta doesn't continue with multiple uri's

On 14/08/2012 21:57, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:

bind-timeout and network-timeout have specific, connection-level meaning.
Just "timeout <seconds>" (you can make it search-specific if you don't
want it to affect other operations, using "timeout search=<seconds>".

Setting timeout doesn't solve the problem, but it changes the behaviour. Now the ldapsearch times out after the value specified and reports:

result: 11 Administrative limit exceeded
text: Operation timed out

...but the LDAP server still doesn't attempt to contact the failover hosts. I've also verified this with tcpdump.

To recap, here's my current config. I can't help but think I'm doing something obviously wrong here if it's working for others.

database            meta
suffix              dc=local
rootdn              cn=administrator,dc=local
rootpw              secret

network-timeout     1
timeout             1

uri                 ldap://host1:3268/ou=dc1,dc=local

suffixmassage       "ou=dc1,dc=local" "dc=example,dc=com"

idassert-bind       bindmethod=simple

idassert-authzfrom  "dn.exact:cn=administrator,dc=local"

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