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slapd-meta doesn't continue with multiple uri's

I've been trying to get slapd-meta to failover using multiple URIs but can't get it to work.

Initially I was using 2.4.26, but having seen the report in ITS#7050 I've now built 2.4.32 but the problem is still there as far as I can tell. This bug was quashed in 2.4.29 according to the change log.

In the example below, if host1 is not contactable at the point a search is performed, host2 will be contacted and the result returned correctly but ldapsearch then hangs indefinitely and the server's debug (level 1) output spews the following messages endlessly:

ldap_int_poll: fd: 10 tm: 0
502a4634 conn=1001 op=1 <<< meta_search_dobind_init[0]=4
502a4634 conn=1001 op=1 >>> meta_search_dobind_init[0]

Here's the relevant portion of slapd.conf:

database            meta
suffix              dc=local
rootdn              cn=administrator,dc=local
rootpw              secret

network-timeout     3

uri                 ldap://host1:3268/ou=dc1,dc=local
uri                 ldap://host2:3268/ou=dc1,dc=local
uri                 ldap://host3:3268/ou=dc1,dc=local

suffixmassage       "ou=dc1,dc=local" "dc=example,dc=com"

idassert-bind       bindmethod=simple

idassert-authzfrom  "dn.exact:cn=administrator,dc=local"

Am I doing something wrong or has the bug described in ITS#7050 crept back in?

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