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Re: ACL processing: additive privs (using control continue)

Am 06.08.2012 03:57, schrieb Kurt Zeilenga:

On Aug 5, 2012, at 1:58 PM, Dora Paula <deepee@gmx.net> wrote:

Another (at least to me much better) solution seems to be to get rid of the implicit "by * none" code:
 So your argument that implicit rules are bad would equally apply to "by +none stop" as it applies "by =none stop".  And what you asking for is simply a convenience, you don't want to add the "by +none stop" yourself.

I've not been aware of the possibility to override (neutralize) the <who> clause lists implicit termination using the in/decremental neutral element "+none". I've not tested it yet, but I think that's fine. Thanks for your explaination. Please forget the rest for now.

Perhaps an extension of the slapd.acces(5) with one sentence that just mentions this possibility makes sense?