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Re: new versions

As others already said, ongoing development in an Open Source project is
a good thing.

OpenLDAP has been LDAP core standard compliant from the beginning of the
project, since it was the Open Source reference implementation.

But there are additions to the standard (see e.g. the RFC list at the
bottom of

And although OpenLDAP is a really good and well engineered product,
there is always possibilities of improvements, e.g. Howard's new mdb
data backend  that makes the fastest LDAP implementation have even
higher performance.



Am 05.08.2012 14:07, schrieb Friedrich Locke:
> Hi folks,
> i have noticed openldap keeps releasing new versions from time to
> time. I have not noticed changes in protocol specification. So why
> does openldap release new versions ? Isn't it mature enough yet ? I am
> asking cause i am used to djb tools like qmail and djbdns and they
> don't change since a long time ago.
> Please, don't get me wrong. I am no saying one approach is better than
> another, i am just curious about openldap.
> Thanks.


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