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Re: ACL processing: additive privs (using control continue)

Dora Paula wrote:
>> Iiuc, your acl permit search ( There are any entries of question type
>> in term of search filter) to any authenticated user. If the user is
>> also member of the group grant also read privilege ( give me the
>> entries question type) .
> That's what I've expected, too, and what is the standard behavior if you 
> use "users" continued by "self" for example.
> In case of a continued groupdn evaluation the behavior changes:
> If the current bindDn is not a member of the group or the group's entry 
> does not exist the previously granted search privilege (=s) is reset: 
> The aclmask gets reset to =0 which means "none". Please have a look into 
> the attached details (file "acl.txt" in my previous posting).
> My question was: Is this the intended behavior? I would have expected 
> the search privileges to stay untouched, even in case the group's entry 
> does not exist.

I haven't looked at the code yet but it's possible this is a bug. Please
submit an ITS with your explanation and sample config/ldif.
> Thanks again.
>> Regards
>> 2012/8/4, Dora Paula<deepee@gmx.net>:
>>> Hi list,
>>> just a short question about "continue" and additive privileges, given
>>> the following acl statement:
>>> access to dn.subtree="o=test" attrs=sn
>>>    by users =s continue
>>>    by group/groupOfNames/member="cn=readers,ou=groups,o=test" +r
>>> If the current user's bindDn isn't a member of the group
>>> "cn=readers,..." or the group's entry does not exist, the previously set
>>> privilege "=s" will be reset to "none"?
>>> As the slapd.access man page just gives a "silly" and an "even more
>>> silly" example regarding "continue" I'm not sure this is the intended
>>> behavior.
>>> Attached you'll find my minimalistic testbed:
>>>     slapd.conf
>>>     sample ldif data
>>>     two ldapsearch commands (including their slapd.log level 128)
>>> I'm using openldap MASTER.
>>> Thank you very much.
>>> Cheers
>>> Dora

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