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syncrepl in refreshOnly mode, why nentries=0?

Dear All,

I have a single provider and a single consumer setup. The consumer is set up to do syncrepl of type=refreshOnly and everything looks to be in order i.e. comparing the output of ldapsearch for provider and consumer shows that the directories are in sync.

When I look at the logs on the provider I see that at times when there is "nothing to do" (the directories are in sync) that nentries=0 in the SEARCH RESULT from the syncrepl connection initiated by the consumer. Then, for example, when one new entry is on the provider, I see nentries=1 in the SEARCH RESULT when the consumer connects. So for syncrepl, nentries represents the difference in entries between the provider and the consumer. But this is not what I expected to find, I expected nentries from a syncrepl connection to match nentries from an equivalent (i.e. same search parameters) ldapsearch connection.

Is my logic wrong and if so why?