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contextCSN wanished on 2.3 consumers

Everything was working yesterday, I had upgraded my provider and two consumers to 2.4.31 and got a Nagios test working - all four consumers (two 2.4.31 and two 2.3.43 which can't/won't be upgraded at this time for various reasons) where all in sync. Their contextCSN mached perfectly.

I got in this morning, showed of (with some pride :) the Nagios checks etc to my co workers. Started working on other things and a few minutes later another coworker came in complaining that the Nagios
tests showed that the two 2.3 servers where 10 days old!

Looking at the contextCSN on all servers showed that they where (suddenly!!) missing from the 2.3 servers. And No one have been fiddeling with the config or the database.

Any idea what could have happened and how to fix it?
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