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Re: syncrepl in refreshOnly mode, why nentries=0?

--On Monday, June 18, 2012 1:45 PM +0530 Warren Howard <warren@madtechsupport.com> wrote:

Dear All,

I have a single provider and a single consumer setup.  The consumer is
set up to do syncrepl of type=refreshOnly and everything looks to be in
order i.e. comparing the output of ldapsearch for provider and consumer
shows that the directories are in sync.

When I look at the logs on the provider I see that at times when there is
"nothing to do" (the directories are in sync) that nentries=0 in the
SEARCH RESULT from the syncrepl connection initiated by the consumer.
Then, for example, when one new entry is on the provider, I see
nentries=1 in the SEARCH RESULT when the consumer connects.  So for
syncrepl, nentries represents the difference in entries between the
provider and the consumer.  But this is not what I expected to find, I
expected nentries from a syncrepl connection to match nentries from an
equivalent (i.e. same search parameters) ldapsearch connection.

Is my logic wrong and if so why?

"nentries" means "Number of entries" that were returned from the query that was executed. So syncrepl does a query that asks, "How many new entries are there that I need to replicate?". If the answer is ZERO then there are no new entries to replicate.

If syncrepl executes and does replication, any ldapsearch that was identical and done after that point had better well return zero.



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