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Re: Migrating from slapd 2.3 to 2.4

On 20/5/2012 8:31 ÎÎ, Bobby Krupczak wrote:

Is this an appropriate approach that will work?  Am I missing

slapcat the old dit. slapadd later in the new (correctly configured) ldap server, before starting it (no need to use an ldap browser to import data).

I saw via google where the attribute is duplicated but I never could
find how to edit/modify the configs to remove the duplicate entry.

Any ideas how to remove this duplicate entry?

Correct things in the original schema files using a text editor and then run slaptest to create a correct slapd.d/ to be used for the config of your new 2.4.

Note however that the use of the dynamic config in 2.4 is not compulsory. You can migrate to 2.4 first (be careful for your ACLs, because there are some changes since 2.3!) using a standard slapd.conf and, when everything is working properly, at a later stage convert to dynamic config. This is the approach I suggest; one thing at a time.