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Re: Convert *.schema to *.ldif

Le 4/4/12 2:03 PM, Jonathan Clarke a Ãcrit :
Le 03/04/12 20:39, Francis Swasey a Ãcrit :

On 4/3/12 11:50 AM, Howard Chu wrote:
I don't see any description in the admin guide about how to convert a *.schema file into a *.ldif file. Google tells me that most people are using slaptest with the -F and -f parameters
with a specially crafted slapd.conf file.

I would like to programatically do this -- my ability to vi two files and make identical
changes has been known to be fallable!

Suggestions?  Code examples?

Read schema/openldap.ldif

Thank you Howard. I didn't think to go looking for that kind of documentation.

If anyone is interested, I've thrown together a short perl script that does what schema/openldap.ldif suggests. I believe it will generate an ldif file that is just as valid as the schema file it is given ;-) I have tested that hypothesis via ldapadd on a system that
I set up for cn=config use.

I am indeed interested to see that script, if you'd be willing to share it?


FYI, I have created a JIRA in Apache Directory Studio to offer such a conversion, as it's quite easy to do (we already do that for ApacheDS, for instance) : https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DIRSTUDIO-800

It could be wipped in a couple of days, but that may not be added immediately.

Emmanuel LÃcharny