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Re: Convert *.schema to *.ldif

Francis Swasey wrote:
I don't see any description in the admin guide about how to convert a *.schema file into a
*.ldif file.  Google tells me that most people are using slaptest with the -F and -f parameters
with a specially crafted slapd.conf file.

As the person who is responsible for a *.schema file and develops it not on a machine that has
the openldap server software installed, that process is not anything I'm interested in.  Looks
like it should be a fairly simple set of transformations.  Looking at the *.schema and *.ldif
that are provided with the openldap source - I am left wondering how they were created, since
they have comments, they were obviously not created via the slaptest -F<x>  -f<y>  method.

I would like to programatically do this -- my ability to vi two files and make identical
changes has been known to be fallable!

I found the fusiondirectory-schema2ldif perl script - but it is not complete and silently drops
keywords it doesn't like which is a really nasty coding style generating garbage from quality

Suggestions?  Code examples?

Read schema/openldap.ldif

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