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Re: Hashing the userPassword

Please post your follow-ups on the mailing list so others can respond and
learn as well.

Suneet Shah wrote:
> So if create a user and then set the password on an existing user then, the
> password-hash attribute will work? And I can send the password to OpenLDAP in
> clear text?


Also note the other poster's hint about using slapo-ppolicy and
ppolicy_hash_cleartext if you're allowed to configure the server.

> I am curious - if the client hashes the password, in my case it would be my
> java program, how will openldap use that hashed password during authentication?
> Wouldnt both (openldap and my java program) need to have the salt used for
> hashing? And in this case, only my java program would have that salt.

The salt is part of the userPassword value.
See more information in OpenLDAP's FAQ-O-MATIC:


Ciao, Michael.

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