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Re: Re: usage of slapadd with replication/option -w

> > Multimaster only works when slapdadd for initial filling is used with 
> > Is this a bug or does it work as designed?
> Can't confirm your statement. You need to provide more information about 
> steps you followed that lead you to this conclusion.

In the thread "delta-syncrepl and mirrormode problem (2.4.29 and 2.4.30)" 
I already described how I came to the conclusion, that multimaster only 
works when using slapdadd with -w to initially fill the database.
and http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-technical/201202/msg00212.html

But to sum up:
I have 2 Masters configured in mirrormode.
- both databases empty.
- I use slapadd without -w to fill one database. (Ldif has only 1400 bytes 
- then do nothing else but start the first master and the second master 
(which database is still empty).
- Each slapd process now has 40 to 50 % CPU usage, although nobody is 
doing anything with LDAP and this won't reduce no matter how long I wait.
Configuration files, logs, etc are in the above threads.

Anyway I uploaded a zipfile with the data/aceesdata directories, a 
logfile, the configfile and my schema. Name is usage of slapadd with 
replication option -w.zip

If I use -w with the initial slapadd everything works fine.

> > are there cases in which this option could be harmfull?
> Yes.

Could you please tell us, what are these cases?

> > What happens if I use -w and have no replication configured?
> Irrelevant.

Does this mean I can use -w when I have no slaves?

Or does this mean, that I should not use -w when i do not have 

If I could provide any other information please let me know.