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Re: Desperate JuniorAdmin needs help ASAP


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 7:16 AM, Imre Bertalan <bertalanimre@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello out there!
> I'm Imre from Hungary and I need some help with LDAP. My main problem is the
> time. I have 2 weeks to finish a project and a part of it is setting up an
> LDAP server.
> To be honest I'll be a big problem if anybody wishes to help me because
> there is quite a chaos on my head right now and I'm very desperate. I need
> someone who I can chat with and he/she can show me ( not just write ) how to
> manage an LDAP server and how to install the client. I wanted to use Webmin
> because it looks simple enough, but since I don't really getting the point I
> can't go onward.
> My suggestion is that someone enters my desktop ( with teamview-er
> optionally ) and shows me the method on a virtual computer.
> I would be very, very grateful for you guys. :( PLZ help a poor guy.

I don't think you'll find someone to do that for free (well, maybe,
but unlikely)... I mean, we are all willing to help you learn, but you
have to do your work.... doing the project for you is another thing.
If you are 100% dedicated to the project, try this:


and this:


You could have a LDAP up and working in 1 week or less, come back here
when you have specific questions that we can help you with, or get
paid support somewhere.  On distro selection for faster start-up, I
would suggest you try either Debian or Ubuntu, at least you will have
a "running" LDAP on package installation.  Service integration into
the LDAP directory is another history, and dependant on what you want
to integrate (and most projects that support LDAP have good docs on
integrating with the directory).

> Best Regards:
> Imre Bertalan


Ildefonso Camargo