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Re: usage of slapadd with replication/option -w

frank.offermanns@caseris.de wrote:
Hi all,

at the end of the thread "Re: delta-syncrepl and mirrormode problem
(2.4.29 and 2.4.30)/ slapadd Usage"
I already asked some questions. But probably due to the wrong threadname I
got no answer.
So here again with a clearer threadname:

Multimaster only works when slapdadd for initial filling is used with -w
Is this a bug or does it work as designed?

Can't confirm your statement. You need to provide more information about the steps you followed that lead you to this conclusion.

If it works as designed maybe the manualpage for slapadd should be more
clearly that when you work with replication you always have to use the -w


Wouldn't  it be helpfull if slapadd internally always use the -w option or


are there cases in which this option could be harmfull?


What happens if I use -w and have no replication configured?



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