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Re: Line breaks in Directory String values

Michael StrÃder wrote:
You're missing the point. I'm thinking one step *ahead* you. IMO there's
nothing wrong with bringing to your attention that people *now* assume line
breaks to be preserved. Especially since you're not working in the GUI camp at

There could be valid reasons in the future to strip white spaces in LDAP
requests in a normalization step. So asking for the confirmation that this
behaviour will remain in the future is not imprecise or false at all.
Especially when looking at 12 years history where sometimes things changed
(for valid reasons).

In that case, since we cannot make any predictions about the future, the smart thing to do is to make no assumptions whatsoever about what the server will preserve or strip. Treat all values as unformatted data and reformat it in your client whenever presenting to a user.

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