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Re: Line breaks in Directory String values

Michael StrÃder wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Michael StrÃder wrote:
So I'd be interested in hearing one of the core developers confirm that line
breaks in those attribute values will always be preserved when added via LDAP.

The attribute types in question all have Directory String syntax. But glancing
at the RFC the syntax Directory String allows CR and LF.

OpenLDAP stores attribute values verbatim. It always has and always will.

Thanks for confirming that.

You shouldn't even need to ask this question.

As said the automatic conversion hunks out the line breaks found in in the
original slapd.conf and many attributes in back-config gets extra checking
anyway. So the question whether some attribute values might get stored
sanitized is not that false.

Your question is pretty imprecise, then. Values stored due to conversion from slapd.conf are not treated exactly the same as values stored by LDAP operations. Everything read from slapd.conf has had excess whitespace stripped (as documented in slapd.conf(5)) when read; that is the normal behavior of the slapd.conf parser and has been since the dawn of time.

I think you should appreciate client developers clarifying possible interop
issues in advance. So there's nothing justifying your arrogant attitude.

Michael, you are not a newbie; quit acting like one. You've been associated with this Project for at least the past 12 years. There is nothing arrogant in telling you you should know better by now. *You* *should* know better by now.

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