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Line breaks in Directory String values (was: Concerns with OLC (cn=config) for editing schema, ACLs, and deleting entries)

Nick Milas wrote:
> On 22/3/2012 2:20 ÎÎ, btb wrote:
>> i press the enter key on my keyboard 
> Interestingly, I found that the same is also possible with JXPlorer.
> ACLs can be formatted like that and they remain formated. They also function
> without problems.
> Unfortunately, normal listing (all values together), does not show them
> formatted; I must edit each one separately to view it formatted.

For the upcoming release I've registered possibly multi-line olc* attribute
types with web2ldap's plugin class MultilineText and I could add line breaks
manually. (This plugin class is also used for XML data found in config of
other directory server products, etc.)

But I wonder whether this is guaranteed to work since slapd rips out line
breaks from the values imported from slapd.conf during automatic config
conversion. It preserves multiple space chars formerly used for indentation

So I'd be interested in hearing one of the core developers confirm that line
breaks in those attribute values will always be preserved when added via LDAP.

The attribute types in question all have Directory String syntax. But glancing
at the RFC the syntax Directory String allows CR and LF.

Ciao, Michael.

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