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FW: Partial LDAP replication with syncrepl

Title: FW: Partial LDAP replication with syncrepl


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Subject: Partial LDAP replication with syncrepl

Hi all,

I'm using OpenLDAP for different purposes (e.g. zarafa, ssh authentication and HTTP authentication).


Each Service (zarafa, apache) is running on a different server. SSH for sure runs on every server.

For stability reasons, I replicate my LDAP database to each slave server (zarafa, apache and others). I'm using syncrepl which works fine by know.

Now I want to use LDAP for another service (typo3). For this I need to apply another schema. If I do this on the master LDAP server only, all slave servers will claim.


If I set schemachecking off in the slave configuration, the LDAP server does not stop, but it does not load entities which use the new objectClass.

I tried to select only particular attributes on the slave server (like cn, uid but not objectClass) but that doesn't help.

I don't want to apply the new schema to each and every server which doesn't use it at all.


How can I solve this issue? What is the common way for such a setup?


Best regards,


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